Stats That Will Shock You (Thanksgiving Edition)

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It’s Thanksgiving and we’ve got so much to be thankful for.

We kick off the episode with some shocking stats that show just how privileged we all are to be seeking financial independence in the first place.

Stats across the world such as

Most of our audience makes more in a week than some of the world makes in a year.

We’re incredibly thankful for the opportunities we’ve been given to chase after.

We were fortunate enough to be born into a country where we have a stable stock market, we have financing for homes, and we have countless income-generating opportunities.

We also try to help the audience score some deals this holiday season…it wouldn’t be a FI Show episode without some actionable tips.

  1. Check the Flipp app to see who’s offering deals like a free turkey.
  2. Set up an Ibotta account for a free Thanksgiving meal.
  3. Set alerts on Slickdeals so that you don’t miss out on any Black Friday opportunities.

There’s even a tip in the episode to avoid overeating during the big feast.

We round out the episode by listing out a few things we’re thankful for that felt relevant to the show.

One thing Justin mentioned was being thankful for being financially prepared for any situation.

This is highlighted because he may be getting laid off next week… So definitely come back for those updates.

The FI Show is so thankful for everyone who has taken time out of their day to give us a listen.

We hope we’ve helped in some little way along your journey.

If so, we hope you can share this episode with a friend!

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