Understanding the AND Asset | Caleb Guilliams

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Today’s episode features Caleb Guilliams, creator of BetterWealth and author of The And Asset.

Caleb Guilliams’ life would be forever changed by taking a simple job at a local bank.

There, he would see what wealthy people did, but also see what people were doing that struggled to make ends meet.

This would spark Caleb’s interest in finance and the rest was history.

Caleb kept climbing the ladder and was actually promoted to lead the entire investment division before even graduating college.

In this episode, we not only get into Caleb’s story but also a deep dive into an asset that most, like us, gave up a long time ago.

Whole life insurance, yep, that old thing.

There’s too much to explain in a simple lead-in but if you have a high income and/or are looking for some additional flexibility to your current cash accounts, this episode is for you.

Tune in to learn about the AND asset and how you can maximize your dollars.

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