The Financial Freedom Summit | Grant Sabatier & PT Money

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In today’s episode, you’ll hear about the Financial Freedom Summit!

To help us cover the summit we bring on Grant Sabatier from Millennial Money and PT Money who created FinCon.

This summit is for everyone. It’s not a blogger conference, it’s for everyone who is trying to improve their relationship with money.

The Summit is May 1st – 3rd, 2020 in St. Louis.

Listen as we uncover why we are so excited about a conference that you surely won’t want to miss.

Episode Summary

  • We start off by getting PT Money’s background who started as a CPA
  • He would then go on to create FinCon (if you’ve never been…just GO)
  • Then we move to Grant Sabatier
  • He went from $2.26 over $1M by the time he was 30
  • He writes over at Millennial Money
  • Grant also authored the book Financial Freedom
  • Then PT gives us an overview of how FinCon got started in 2011
  • Grant then talks about this need for The Financial Freedom Summit
  • He first noticed this need while on the road across America talking about financial freedom
  • He and Cody then set out to create a game plan and road map
  • It’s just an honest attempt at being stewards of the community
  • The big change conversations will happen everywhere
  • It may be in the hall, between sessions, or in the lobby in the middle of the night
  • The big goal is to track $1B in net-worth increase in 10 years
  • No one will be here trying to make a commission off of you
  • Just people answering your questions
  • There’s also a rockstar list of speakers
  • You can also make the conference your own with separate tracks
  • Tracks like debt payoff, parenting, real estate, or entrepreneurs
  • In the end, we just hope to see you all in St. Louis May 1st – 3rd

Key Takeaways

  1. Everyone is welcome with money: This isn’t just for a small sect of people, if you want to grow your relationship with money, you’re welcome
  2. Finance is more than early retirement: Debt payoff, financial freedom, meaning to money, there are so many
  3. There are tracks for everyone: Budgeters, entrepreneurs, real estate, small business, or gig economy… there are a lot of tracks

Call to Action

Go and grab and get your tickets so you can join us for this awesome weekend.

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