The Proven Path to Financial Freedom (Replay) | Grant Sabatier

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Today, we’re re-airing our most downloaded episode featuring Grant Sabatier, owner of Millennial Money and author of Financial Freedom.

Grant graduated with a philosophy degree and would bounce around 4 jobs after college while being laid off twice.

He spent what money he had going on a big trip to Africa before he ended up back at his parents with $2.26 at age 24.

It was 2010 and his parents gave him a 3-month time limit to figure things out.

Grant realized that no matter what he did,  he was going to be trading life for money.

With that knowledge, he became focused on how he could make as much as possible and as fast as possible.

A few weeks later he discovered Google Mobile Ads as well as a free certification course which allowed him to get hired on making $50k per year.

The work just kept snowballing from there and he found himself working 7 days a week. He spread himself across tons of projects including Google Ads, building websites, and even flipping VW vans.

A big point of emphasis from Grant is knowing where you want to go and then focusing on how much you need to make to get there. Do that instead of settling on what you think you’re worth.

He also admits that he should have slowed down a little bit on his journey to financial independence.

Grant believes you can be just as addicted to saving money as someone who is addicted to spending it and both are dangerous.

His wish is that everyone who finds themselves in a job they didn’t love would take 6 months off to discover their passions.

This episode is jam-packed with value but our top three takeaways were:

  • Skills are future currency: Grant speculates that, in the future, our economy will operate in such a fashion that each of us represents our own little “island” of talent. Our skill sets and capabilities will determine how much we earn and succeed. Start learning some new skills and building your future currency net worth!
  • Take a step back and breathe: After Grant set his goal of accumulating $1.25M, he turned his engine on hyperdrive. If he could turn back time, he says that he would have taken a step back to breathe and realize all of the freedom he had already created at that moment in time. Enjoy the journey!
  • Budgets Shouldn’t Restrict You: If you feel extremely deprived on a budget like Grant did, it might not be a great option for you. Instead, get the big things right (housing, transportation, and food) and then spend your money on the things that truly bring you joy. You don’t have to cut out your Starbucks!

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