The Small and Mighty Real Estate Investor | Chad Carson

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The goal for real estate is to generate as much cash flow as possible and/or own as many doors as possible right?

What if you realized the real goal is just to generate enough income to satisfy your desired lifestyle?

That may seem obvious, but too often investors fixate on a high score instead of focusing on happiness.

Coach Carson has previously joined us on the very first episode of The Financial Independence Show.

In that episode, we cover Chad’s background in detail but today we focus on the topic of his new book.

That topic is the concept of the Small and Mighty real estate investor.

The root of this concept is focusing on achieving the least number of doors needed to cover your lifestyle.

Chad explains how chasing the least needed is much healthier than chasing the most possible.

More properties equate to more headaches, and why have stress if you’ve already won?

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