The Speeds of Financial Independence

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In this episode, Cody and Justin walk listeners through six unique and relatable paths to financial independence.

We cover the assumptions and profile and then determine exactly how long it will take that person to retire.

This was a fun episode that involved a lot of research going into the backgrounds of these scenarios.

At a high level, the six paths include:

  1. Dual Income, no kids, high W2 earners, high cost of living area
  2. Single Income, two kids, lower W2 earner, low cost of living area
  3. Dual Income, two kids, medium W2 earners + real estate, medium cost of living area
  4. Dual Income, two kids, business owners, medium cost of living area
  5. Single Income, no kids, W2 and side hustles, high cost of living area
  6. Dual Income, no kids, real estate investors, low cost of living area

We think you’ll find at least one scenario you resonate with and potentially the motivation to swap paths for a faster option.

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