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Today’s episode features Daniel Alonzo who is a coach, entrepreneur, podcaster, speaker, and author of Wealth on the Beach.

He brings his messaging of creating a better life and financial independence to a massive social media following and speaks in front of hundreds and thousands of people a year.

Daniel Alonzo knew he wanted to be somebody from a very early age.

When an injury in college ended his dreams of playing high-level baseball and his dreams began to fade, one of his friends introduced him to a leading Financial Services Company.

Daniel said no for a while but finally took a chance on it. From that point at age 21,  he knew he wanted to win in business.

He put in the work and in only a few years he’d open his own location. By the age of 24, he was making $100,000.00 a year but still living frugally.

Today, he’s amassed millions and is out there trying to spread that knowledge with everyone.

In our conversation we cover hustle, frugality, scaling, and unpack his covered call strategy.

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