What Did You Accomplish in 2019?

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In today’s episode, you’ll hear from just your Hosts! That’s right, no guests today, but plenty of voices will be heard.

This episode is covering some of the activity that’s been going on in our Community Facebook Page

In today’s episode, the guys share with you the powerful accomplishments The FI Show group is achieving.

Also if you join the Community Facebook Page, we’re starting a new thread for 2020 goals. Comment with your goals and we’ll feature you on an episode coming out later as well as check-in and keep you accountable!

As always they’ll also be transparent with their own wins.

Hopefully, you enjoy this special episode!

Listen, learn, and let us know what you think.

Episode Summary

Wins from various community members

  • Set up a Roth IRA for 18 yr old daughter
  • Visited FI friends in 10 states
  • Wrote a book with their daughter
  • Got to at least one comma in each account
  • Wrote a book
  • 5 figures from a side hustle
  • FIREd at 44 then hit UK Chautaqua, CampFI, and FinCon
  • Reached FI at age 30
  • Maxed out his and wife’s 401k
  • Couple that both FIRE’d before 30
  • Vacationed and paid off a truck
  • Paid off a mortgage
  • Fired a financial advisor and started to DIY
  • Transitioned to full time selling on Ebay
  • and many more….

One huge transformation

  • Discovered FI on Christmas of last year with only $1,500 in a checking account (plus some mutual funds for retirement)
  • Since then, negotiated a $12k raise
  • Got her company to pay for  PMP
  • Volunteered at a startup to learn new skills to switch to a better-paying industry
  • Moved to another job for ANOTHER $30k raise
  • Automated savings to accumulate a $20k emergency fund
  • Maxed out Roth and HSA for the first time, plus getting a 401k match!
  • Took  time to think about WHY even pursue FI
  • Now in the process of downsizing life and purchasing an RV to travel the country, see the public lands, and spend more time outdoors! 

The Hosts Share Too

  • Justin saved 76% and  is 80% of his way to FI
  • He spent $23k while living in Boston
  • With $10k of that going to rent…ouch
  • Full break down of expenses for those curious
    • Bills: $1,133
    • Travel: $315
    • Misc: $255
    • Eating out/drinks: $108
    • Gas: $61
    • Groceries: $53
  • Justin started a new job and upped his earnings
  • Some notable trips to Hawaii, Mexico, Colorado, countless other trips and time with family


  • Cody spent $28k while also living in Boston
  • Quit his job in January of 2019
  • Toured the country for 3 months living in a camper for Grant Sabatier’s Financial Freedom book tour.
  • Got the Financial Freedom Summit setup for 2020
  • And took a 3.5 week trip to Peru and Chile in December


Key Takeaway

  1. Reflection is Powerful: Both of us and the FI Show community felt so much more motivated to tackle 2020 and just felt so much better about ourselves after we realized how much we all crushed 2019

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