Working Smarter and Scaling Your Income | Gina Horkey from Horkey Handbook

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In today’s episode, you’ll hear from Gina who you can learn more about at Horkey Handbook.

Gina grew up poor but graduated college at 19 and began a string of successful careers.

After burning out in corporate America, she decided to try her hand at entrepreneurship.

Now she is running several successful online businesses aimed at helping others become entrepreneurs themselves.

Listen, learn,  and let us know what you think.

Episode Summary

  • She grew up poor and money was always a challenge
  • As kids, she’d have to buy her own clothes even in middle school
  • Gina started babysitting at age 11
  • But Gina was always driven to make something of her self
  • She actually started going to college while she was an 11th / 12th grader
  • This allowed her to graduate college just before she turned 20
  • The program is a special thing that Minnesota does and is free
  • Then she ended up getting married at 21 and settled down in her hometown
  • After college, she worked for a company helping people reach fitness goals
  • Then she’d transition careers into being a financial advisor
  • Gina was working 60 hour weeks but was learning a ton
  • It’s obvious that Gina is an extremely hard worker
  • This means that she thrives in a commission-based jobs
  • Her biggest advice for these type jobs is to sell something you’re passionate about
  • She gives some interesting insights into the life of a financial advisor
  • Gina would stay in this career field for 10 years
  • Just before leaving the corporate world they started preparing for a change
  • Her husband quits his job in 2013 to be a stay at home day
  • She knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur and started investigating
  • Gina would start freelancing in several different areas
  • Then she did some virtual assistant working
  • By 2015 she was full-time entrepreneur
  • Her corporate job had been paying about $60k before she left
  • She talks about a lot of the success and benefits
  • One of which is they take a 2-month vacation to the beach in Texas every year
  • They actually unenroll their children from school every year and home school them
  • There were some struggles though
  • She felt guilty being close to her kids but having to work all-day
  • Gina now has a separate location on her property to work in
  • It really helps her separate life and work
  • Gina does struggle with taking on too much work
  • This year she actually stressed herself out so much she grew a dependency on alcohol
  • Luckily she is now been sober for over six months
  • Then Gina goes over some tips for managing stress
  • Her and her husband are both frugal and don’t want a lot of flashy things
  • She does, however, believe in investing in herself
  • Gina actually pays $3k per month for a business coach and it’s totally paying off
  • Her and her husband also utilize a personal trainer
  • Then Gina goes over a laundry list of businesses she’s involved in
  • These include virtual assistant, freelancing, and Pinterest courses
  • Some of these are branching off into niches
  • Such as podcast virtual assistants

Key Takeaways

  1. Control your income: Gina talks about how a sales-oriented career puts earning power into your own hands
  2. Commit Cautiously: Gina put so much into her businesses, but at times pushed herself way too far
  3. Branch successes: When Gina finds something is working she doubles down and finds another angle to also go after

Call to Action

Invest in something that will improve your life. Whether business, fitness, or anything that makes you happy.

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