Your Guide to Stock-Based Compensation | Brian Feroldi

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W-2 jobs don’t often get a ton of love in the financial independence space.

However, we’d argue it’s the most likely path for the largest percentage of people.

Especially when you learn how to really squeeze all the value out of that career.

Brian Feroldi joins us to discuss just how to do that.

Specifically how to leverage Stock-Based Compensation (SBC).

It’s possible that the stock your company gives you makes you more money than your entire salary.

But it can be a nuanced subject with terms like Options, RSUs, vesting period, etc

Make no mistake, the golden handcuffs get their name honestly.

This compensation is a tactic to hold onto the best and give you a big reason to stick around just one more year (then one more…)

It also aligns you and the business to the same overall goal via incentives.

That goal is to maximize profits because if the company wins, you also win.

You may have been curious about Stock-based Compensation or maybe you’re already in this world but need more clarity.

Either way, this episode will answer all those burning questions and show you how to maximize every last drop of your W-2 job.

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