What's It All About?

The Financial Independence Show focuses on REAL stories of individuals on their journey to financial independence. Each episode aims to include actionable insights and takeaways for listeners to implement into their own financial situation.

We cover topics like building wealth, entrepreneurship, investing, money mindset, small business, frugality, geoarbitrage, side hustles, real estate, productivity, travel, and so much more.

Sit back, tune in, and join a community of like-minded people who are changing their lives through financial independence.

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Join a community of like-minded individuals sharing their personal journeys and successes along the path to financial independence!

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Cody Berman is one half of The Financial Independence Show and also the co-founder of Gold City Ventures. He is a passive income expert who reached financial independence at age 25 through a combination of online business, strategic investing, and intentional spending. When he’s not teaching others about passive income, you might find him traveling, working out, or starting a new venture.

Justin is an Air Force Veteran turned tech professional and also a money-saving extraordinaire from the great State of Mississippi. He blogs over at Saving-Sherpa¬†where he helps individuals maximize their savings. His highlights include getting paid to go to college, saving >80% of his income in big cities and averaging $65/month on groceries…what?!