Gold City Ventures

Hey 🙂

Cody here.

I see you’re interested in my Gold City Ventures courses!

I offer a Blogging for Profit course where you learn how to create a blog that can make you income in a way that is ethical and feels good.

I also offer an Etsy Printables course with my business partner Julie where we teach you how to create and sell your own printable products on Etsy.

Right now I’m offering two bonuses to anyone who signs up for the courses.

Blogging for Profit Bonuses

Blogging for Profit course

If you join my Blogging for Profit course using the link below, you’ll be sent our How to Create a Lead Magnet Tutorial video.

Lead magnets are what attracts people to sign up for your email list.

They are typically checklists, ebooks, or spreadsheets that you giveaway for free in exchange for an email address.

We make our lead magnets in Canva and show you examples of good lead magnets and how we make them in this video.

Join the Blogging for Profit course and grab your bonus.


Etsy Printables Bonuses

Etsy printables course gold city ventures

If you join the Etsy Printables course using the link below, you’ll be sent the Website Builder mini-course for free.

The mini-course will teach you how to create an adjoining website to support your Etsy shop.

I have both an Etsy shop and a website for my printables business. It’s not necessary to have a separate website but can help you make even more money from this side hustle.

Join the Etsy Printables course and grab your bonus.